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About Freshi Learning Online (FLO)

Welcome to FLO (Freshi Learning Online).  

FLO is interactive learning online, offering fun and innovative digital media programs via easy-to-follow, project-based instructional modules.  

Whether you’re a teacher wanting to acquire new technology and digital media skills, a home schooling parent seeking extra instruction for technology support or simply an individual passionate about digital media, FLO is for you.  

computerscreenFLOFLO currently offers individual or group online subscriptions for the following training modules:  video game design, stop-motion animation, digital filmmaking, digital animation, comic book creation and screenwriting.  New training modules and bonus lessons are added to FLO on an ongoing basis.    

Don't miss out - join in, and Go with the FLO.  


Why is FLO different? 

Developed by experienced, Los Angeles media professionals, FLO offers unique courses crafted for the growing media-hungry K-12 audience.  FLO meets the user at just the right competency level that is neither too complex nor too basic.  FLO offers instruction that encourages the acquisition of fundamental core media skills.

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