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Are there discounts for Volume and Educational Sales?

Educational or Volume Subscription packages have various purchasing options.  Please Contact Us for more information.


Is the software included with the FLO subscription?

No.  Software is not included with the FLO subscriptions, however some of the courses contain links to free software, free-to-use web based apps and trial downloads.

Certain group or educational pricing includes software, please Contact us to learn more.


What current software is used with FLO?

Please check out our Software page to see the various software used in Freshi Learning Online. 


What is Freshi Learning Online (FLO)?

FLO is interactive learning online, offering fun and innovative digital media programs via easy-to-follow, project-based instructional courses.  

Whether you’re a teacher wanting to acquire new technology and digital media skills, a home schooling parent seeking that extra instruction for technology support or simply an individual passionate about digital media, FLO is for you.  

FLO currently offers individual or group online subscriptions for the following training courses:  video game design, stop-motion animation and digital filmmaking.  New training coursess and bonus lessons are added to FLO on an ongoing basis.

Don't miss out - join in, and Go with the FLO.  


Is FLO secure?

Yes!  And here's how:

Paypal - All transactions utilize Paypal, one of the most trusted names in online transactions used by millions of user around the world.

Encryption - No user financial information is stored on the site and all passwords are fully-encrypted and not accessible by FLO personnel

24hr security monitoring - Sucuri, one of the most trusted names in internet security monitors FLO 24/7

Moderated Forum - All user generated data, (forum posts included) is fully moderated by FLO Admins before made public to other users.  No unmoderated contact between users is permitted on FLO.

All videos are served using Vimeo, a trusted name in professional video hosting.

All user data is private.  Freshi Learning Online will never never share any subscriber information to third-parties without the specific consent of the user.


How do I subscribe to FLO?

FLO comes in a variety of annual subscription packages. 

Seperated into a series of Courses (Digital Filmmaking, Video Game Design, Stop Motion Animation, etc), you can purchase an annual subscription to just one course or multiple. 

Click on the Subscribe Now link to see more.

If you are trying to purchase a group of subscriptions (school district, after school program, home-schooling network, educational group, etc.) there are multiple discounts available.  Please contact Chris Shoemaker for details.


What do I get with a FLO subscriptions?

FLO subscriptions are annual, which means you will recieve access to whatever Course(s) you've subscribed to for a full year (365 days).  This includes all of the Basic Lessons as well as any Extended Lessons added of the course of your subscription year.


How much does a FLO subscription cost?

Pricing varies based on subscription length and Course type.  Please click the Courses & Pricing link for current pricing.

PLEASE NOTE:  Pricing is subject to change at any time and promotions and special offers are all based on a limited time schedule.


How do I pay for FLO?

Currently, FLO accepts any major credit card through PayPal (including PayPal Member Purchases).

Educational or Group Subscription packages have various purchasing options.  Please Contact Us for more information.


What kind of programs does FLO cover?

FLO is all about digital media education.  FLO Courses cover the fundamentals of Digital Filmmaking, Stop Motion Animation, Video Game Design and more utlizing consumer based software that is easy to purchase, install and use.

New Courses are released periodically.