If you're seeking to maximize the use of your computer lab, Freshi Learning Online (FLO), can help.

FLO is a fun and accessible way to create stronger communication skills through Media Literacy.  With programs like Video Game Design, Digital Filmmaking and Digital Animation, students can express their creativity while learning best practices in digital media.

FLO offers interactive videos featuring hosted lessons, assessment quizzes and downloadable assets.  The structure of each course allows students to work at their own pace.  In class, this means less sitting and waiting, which is especially helpful for any after school enrichment, library or club/organizational program.  Outside of class, it's a resource for students to use any time to make exciting, creative projects, whether it be for a school assignment or just to express themselves.  And, FLO is constantly expanding its current course offerings with extended lessons as well as adding new courses to the academy that are popular and highly desired by both students and adults alike.   

For your specific site, Freshi Media provides instructional videos for offering the best, most efficient FLO experience, in addition to prompt and courteous tech support.  These videos are developed and presented by seasoned instructors to smoothly implement FLO in your computer lab.

Boost your computer lab to reach its full potential.  Activate Freshi Learning Online, and watch your students shine.