Freshi Learning Online provides a variety of training using multiple softwares.

Individual software is not included with FLO subscriptions

*Some software discounts are available with the purchase of a subscription.


Used in Introduction to Coding

Visual Studio code editor is a great tool for anyone who is ready to start coding their own projects from scratch. This open source software utilizes almost all of the same tools pro-coders use to create websites, mobile apps and software.


Used in Digital Music

A part of Propellerheads Suite of professional music production tools, Reason Essentials provides you with everything you need to start creating professionally produced digital music in minutes.


Used in Web Design

This free, open source, browser based app let's you start building your own website in minutes. One of the largest website platforms in the world, the Wordpress CMS (Content Management System) is a great start for anyone interested in building their own website.

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Used in the 3D Animation

This free, open source software is a fantastic resource for learning and creating your own 3D characters, environments and movies!

Used in the Video Game Design for Mac

The subscription based software is used to create exciting games without having to know code! You can also download a FREE 30 day trial to test it out.

Used in the Stop Motion Animation for PC Course

Capture images of clay, action figures, still photos, and drawings to create your own stop-motion movies. (PC only)


Used in Game Design for PC Course

Game and software creation has never been easier or quicker than with Click Team's tools. Discover the tool used by so many multimedia professionals, game creators, and creative people from all walks of life. (PC only)


Used in the Scriptwriting Course

Final Draft is the professional’s choice and the entertainment industry standard in screenwriting software.

Final Draft software is the #1-selling screenwriting program for screenwriters, TV writers, playwrights, and writers of new media. It seamlessly formats your script as you type. Tab and Enter keys make formatting your script a snap, and More’s and Continued’s automatically appear at page breaks where needed. (Mac and PC)


Used in the Stop Motion Animation for Mac Course

For centuries now, stop motion animation has made the fantasies of film makers come true. Whether you just want to spend a magic weekend with your kids (like New York Times tech columnist David Pogue) or are a serious animator, now it's time to tell your story, frame by frame with iStopMotion like many thousands of parents, kids, teachers, brickfilmers, pro animators and everybody with an interest in this fascinating movie making technique. (Mac Only)



Used in the Digital Comic Book Course

It's the app with everything you need to make a stunning photo comic. Fonts, templates, panels, balloons, captions and lettering art. Simply add your photos and some words and very quickly you'll have a finished story.

Comic Life is also great for doing school projects, how to guides, flyers for your business or group, storyboarding, lesson plans, book reports, Internet memes; and that's just to name a few! (Mac and PC)



Used in the Digital Animation Course

Bring your imagination to life! Moho Studio (Anime Studio) is your complete animation program for creating 2D movies, cartoons, anime and cut out animations. Create your own desktop animated shorts in the style of and or use it to produce animations for film, video or streaming over the web. (Mac and PC)

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Used in the Digital Comic Book Course

MotionArtist is everything you ever wanted to develop amazing interactive comics, robust animations for web or video export, and compile incredible multi-media presentations. Simply import your images, audio, or video and utilize MotionArtist’s powerful, easy, and intuitive toolset to create ambitious motion creations to share with the world.(Mac and PC).

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