What a concise and easy way to learn to work with Multimedia Fusion 2 and make your own video game! After spending just a few hours with FLO, I felt confident to start developing my own video game.  FLO is very clear, showing the screen at all times with clear directions on how to develop all the different parts of the game.  I was also happy to learn that there will be online help available for when I have a question during my training sessions.


Elmarie, Learn Beyond the Book - Owner
Santa Clarita, CA  


My daughter is enjoying FLO very much.

The site looks great and is easy to navigate. The videos are attractive, bright, and clear for kids to understand. They are also inviting. The courses themselves are all topics that kids today would get excited about and that are pertinent to our digital age.

She liked the easy pace of the classes. This course would be perfect for kids 8-17. The instructor doesn’t fill time with unnecessary techy terms or explanations. These videos are built around experience teaching kids in schools and programs so they really do put kids in control.

Courses are not complicated, so younger children could possibly work through them with mom or dad on standby for help.  They don’t take up a lot of time either.  Most lessons were complete in about 30 minutes to an hour. One course would probably be about a semester’s worth of material.

And finally, we enjoyed these courses because the software used is fun.


Aadel Bussinger, Homeschooling Mother/Blogger
These Temporary Tents (www.thesetemporarytents.com)


It’s exciting to me to see Brianna so excited about learning! She has never been one of those strongly academic kids, but this has captured her interest. I wish you could have heard the enthusiasm in her voice and seen the way her eyes lit up. She used words like “super-cool” and “super-fun.” She was so excited to show me what she’s created so far with her video game.

Brianna likes that the instructional videos show the user step-by-step what to do. She showed me that you can have the game software open in one window and the video in the other so that you can easily follow it as it walks you through each step. She said it’s very user-friendly and easy to understand.

If you have a student who is interested in video game design, stop-motion animation, scriptwriting, digital comic book creation, digital animation, or digital filmmaking, I would encourage you to check out FLO.  You may find that it will make a fantastic addition to your homeschool and give your student an opportunity to pursue an interest that you may not have the knowledge base to teach.  Very cool stuff!


Kris Bales, Homeschooling Mother/Blogger
Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers (www.weirdunsocializedhomeschoolers.com)